Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A response to Jimmy Fallon

Dear Jimmy, this is what you can say to your kids.

What is happening in Charlottesville isn't acceptable to our family. It hurts Mom and Dad's heart. We can't imagine how it hurts the heart of our brown skinned, Jewish, immigrant friends. Our family values the lives of all people. All people are our people. We don't care if someone is black or white or brown. We don't care if someone speaks another language. We don't care if they were born in the United States or any other country on Earth. We don't care if they love Jesus or Allah or Buddha. We are all God's children. He made us all unique and beautiful and the differences that scare others, our family chooses to celebrate. Our family values diversity and thinks it makes the world more beautiful and interesting. We choose as a family to stand up for the rights of others. It is who we are. We choose to do what is right even when we are afraid what others may think or say if we do. It important that our neighbors of different races, faiths and nationalities know we stand with them. In situations like this, when there are a group of people spewing such ugliness and hatred it is so important that we, as a family, are brave enough to love loud.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


There are white supremacists marching with Nazi flags and Hilter quotes emblazoned on t-shirts with out a single ounce of shame. They are marching against me, my family, my husband, our life. They march in hate. They march empowered by the hateful rhetoric that has become a part of our daily existence. They march with pride.

I didn't even know it was happening. I was flipping pancakes for my family, listening to my daughter play her drum while her sister danced freely to the African beats. I was wrapped up in the beauty of their silhouettes while the sun shown behind them through the window of the family room when my friend text and asked if I'd seen the hatred. The irony is not lost on me. Ba dum dum dum in my ears. Arms rhythmically swinging. Hair wildly flipping. Joyful smile on her lips.


We are hated.

Tears sting my eyes and the taste of bile fills my throat. My chest tightens and a pain deep in the pit of my stomach emerges like the sin of several hundred years.

We are hated. They are hated.

My immigrant husband. My brown skinned babies. Me for believing it doesn't matter.

I sneak away to catch up on the story. I will not let them see this. I will not let them internalize this. It is important for them to know. We will talk about it later but I don't want the images of torch bearing hatred to lurk in their dreams.

There are people standing and singing and praying. There are people surrounding the hate with love and inclusion and acceptance. There are people loving big in extraordinary circumstances, standing in bravery and solidarity and unity....standing in Jesus' name.


We are loved.

My immigrant husband, My brown skinned babies. Me for believing it doesn't matter.

With the might of a thousand oaks I wish it were the end of the story. With a prayer of complete surrender and expectation I pray that love is louder...

Tomorrow is another day and the only way for love to win is if it is bigger...if it heeds God's call to step up and speak out and be brave...if love is bigger and louder but y'all are too quiet today.

Let's get loud. Let's love loud.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends. ~MLK