Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emotions before mom leaves.

I lay awake unable to sleep. It's about 4:30 in the morning and my upcoming mission trip to Kenya has thoughts turning in my head. I hear the shuffle of little feet and Ava asks to climb into bed with me for the 2nd time in the night. I pull back the covers and she cozies in. She is one of those children that can't get close enough. She drapes her legs over my waist and lays her head on my arm and sinks in to the fluff of this momma. I ask her what she is thinking of and why she hasn't slept well and she simply says, you are going to Africa. This child of mine that would like the world to think she is the toughest 6 year old on the planet has the biggest heart of them all. I have found it's often the ones that appear the toughest that have the most vulnerable little spirits. I hold her close and tell her how special she is to mommy and how much I love her. We talk about why mommy is going to Africa. I tell her that God's plan for telling others about Jesus is us. I tell her that Africa is where I have felt God calling me since I was a girl her age. We talk about how important it is to show others the love and hope that God has brought to our lives. It was one of those conversations that brings tears to the corners of your eyes. I lay there in the silence for the next ten minutes taking in my effective parenting brilliance and then the silence is broken by the little voice in the dark, "Didn't you tell them about Jesus last year?"

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Beautiful Mess said...

Serious sweetness!

Praying for you friend!