Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update of friend's Thai adoption!

A few months ago I asked you all to pray for my friend that has been waiting to pick her little girl up from Thailand for 2 and a half years! Well, I am thrilled to say that she and her husband left today with their other 3 children in tow (all under the age of 11)!!!! They will be bringing their daughter home!!!! So thrilled for this loving and amazing family. While there they will be visiting 3 orphanages, the one their daughter is from, the one they picked their son up from where he spent 5 years of his life and another. We were able to get some funds together with some generous friends and they will be able to get the Thai children some necessities and a few treats! I am so excited to see what God does through this family. How cool will it be for their son to be back in his orphanage and be able to give to the children there?! Please pray for safe travels, for good health and for a smooth transition for this family that said YES to God's call.

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