Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am studying the book Radical by David Platt with a group of amazing women at my church. We are lead by a brave woman that answered her yes to God by leading a study that provokes emotions and struggles and makes people question all kinds of things in their lives. I cannot imagine leading a study like this. Especially when I don't have all the answers and God calls us all to such different places in life. I am thankful she said yes though. I am thankful that I am in a study with women that will question and struggle and seek answers to grow their faith in God.

David Platt starts out his book Radical by thoughtfully provoking the reader to answer some questions based upon the idea that Chritianity today has met our society's standards in catering to ourselves when the message of the Gospel of Christ is to abandon oneself. It leads you asking the question what do I need to abandon to be radically obedient to God. This could be something concrete like the material posessions of this world or maybe it something more abstract like the image or status your position at work gives you or maybe it is letting go of the past, of failures, of hurts, of anger. All of those things get in our way of truly being obedient to Christ's calling on our lives. With all that clutter, we cannot pursue Him or a life that points to His glory.

The first chapter leaves us asking the questions:
Do we truly believe Jesus? His promises? His power?

If we belive Him, do we trust Him? Obey Him? Enough to do the crazy when He asks? The radical?

Does our life reflect Christ residing in us? Is our life pointing to God's glory?

Wow, huh? Real light stuff for a Tuesday night study:) A couple of things I can see in this book. It is going to cause people to question, to squirm, to seek answers for themselves, to take inventory, to be introspective. Although many of those things are scary at first glance, they all bring about growth and for that, I am excited!!! Bring it.

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