Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waiting and waiting.

I have a friend, a beautiful friend with this fantastic family and she is waiting. A friend that loves God, family, and children. She has 3 and waits for her 4th. She has been waiting for two and a half years. 2 and a half years. She has had her daugher's picture that long. She has watched her grow from an infant to a toddler from a distance. She cannot hold her. She cannot comfort her. She cannot bond or transition her into a family. A family. That is what she waits for. Her family. Her daughter that lives half a world away. In an orphanage. There case is unusual and has had many unforseen issues arise so they wait. This precious little girl's siblings wait and cry for her. This child of God's dad gets frustrated that his daughter waits and he cannot protect her from any of this. My friend and her husband have met her. They have held her. They have brought her gifts and started to earn her trust and cooperation. They have given their heart to her for so long. They are hurting and frustrated and I believe firmly in the power of prayer. Please pray for my friend and her family. For their strength, their peace in knowing she is in God's hands until she can be in theirs. Pray for their children who are tired of waiting. Pray for every governmental official and judge involved in this case. Pray for this sweet daughter that has a family waiting for her to come home. Pray for her health, her emotions, her hope. But most of all, pray with me for a miracle. A huge, gigantic, mountain moving, full blown Godly miracle that this baby girl will come home to her family NOW. That they would get a call that fills their hearts to overflowing and shows them just how much God is in this.