Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amy Cornwell....fabulous fun!

This is what creative and crafty looks like.

This is NOT!

I've talked to you all before about my lack of all things crafty. I get great ideas but they never actually come to fruition...(see the ADD blog below). I am not organized enough or handy enough. It is just not my gift. It really is a gift, just not one I possess.

I do have a friend though that has it. She rocks. Amy Cornwell. This chic turns out crafty creative ideas as often as I hand out snacks. Not only is she a Christian working mother of two but she is an amazing artist. She puts so much love into each project and piece! I had her make P and L's biological mom a beautiful necklace that any momma would treasure. I featured it here...

Her hand stamped jewelry can be checked out here...

or you can shop her store on etsy here.. .

Her blog is loaded with great ideas for food, family fun, home decor, name it, this girl does it. The best part of all of this is that she is the real deal. I honestly barely knew her when she gave me the most beautiful gift of a scrapbook of some of my first blogs and pictures from when the kids first came to live with us. She even printed off people's comments so I could cherish them forever. How thoughtful is that?! She has an amazing heart and is sweet beyond words.

So I thought you could be inspired by her or at least live vicariously through her craftiness:) This girl is going places. Remember you heard it here first.

What are you waiting for? Check her out!!

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