Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stinky week.

My children never wet the bed. Never. I must have said that outloud sometime last week and put it out into the universe and then it happened......I think I heard that on Oprah, right?! So it must be true;) Wetting the bed freaks me out. It has something to do with my OCD like tendencies and my strong aversion to the smell of urine. I can smell a wet diaper a mile away.

Anyway, this week my husband's aunties were here visiting. We were all sleeping in different beds, staying up late, having too much fun and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. I don't think the huge slushies Aunt Gwen bought for everyone helped either but one of the kids wet the bed and she is the youngest and only out of pullups a few months so I chalked it up to being too tired and didn't think much of it. Until the second night when she did it again. On the third night two of them wet the bed. Two. This was the slushy night so I couldn't believe it but decided I would wake the two bed wetters and take them to the bathroom before I went to bed at night and have them go potty to prevent accidents. It worked. On those two. The fifth night, yet another child had an accident. I still have been unable to convince her that ''someone mean" didn't ''sneaked'' into her room and dump water on her!

Do you know how much laundry I do with our family of 7 plus two guests anyway? Do you know how much more laundry 6 bed wettings in one week causes? It has caused me to develop a twitch. I feel like my entire house stinks. I can't get it out of my nose. What do you think the home owner's association would say about three mattresses airing out on the front lawn? I'm guessing since they want me to sweep up my grass clippings out of the street that this may be an offense to section 352A.

My first instinct was to go out and buy a Costco size box of pullups and make everyone in the house wear them, just in case but Trevor wasn't cooperating. The good news is that my washing machine can handle a double bed size comforter and all of the sheets that go with it and tomorrow the high is 78 degrees and my windows will be open!

Is withholding liquids for a week too extreme?


Ellie said...

Ha ha!! Too funny, Jen! That is CRAZY that you had six accidents in one week!!! That's enough to make anybody lose it! I love the way you write, btw! You're gifted!

As For Our House...We will serve the Lord. said...

This post made me laugh. And I will pretend that I did not read that last line! :)

But I am commenting, really, about Trevor's post. But I had to stop crying first. You know, the kind of cry where you need a towel, not a kleenex. Not sure if Trevor reads these please share it with him....I, for one, do not have to imagine a single thing you described, Trevor, because it is my reality right now, too. I have shared with Jen before that my father has advanced Parkinson's. He still lives at home, just a mile from us, and we help my mom take care of him. Things have progressed such that my 2 brothers and I can relate to the emotions of caring for a father in this way. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sharing your thoughts. In some ways, it brings comfort to know that someone really can "relate" to the entire gamut of emotions I have been feeling in the past several months. I love to read how you are honoring your father, and I know that God will bless you for it! :) Michelle

Beautiful Mess said...

:) Sorry for your stinky house.

Love you!

Holly Anderson said...

We have a custom setting on our washer that we call the "pee setting" - it has every extra, hot, steamy, soaking setting on it that I could possibly push.

One button. PEE SETTING.

I feel ya on this one.