Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have a sweet friend from church that is in Thailand right now and I would love it if you would pray for she and her husband with me. They have three children here at home, one of them from Thailand as well and they are FINALLY, after almost 2 1/2 years of having her picture, meeting their daughter for the first time. They will be there about 3 weeks and then have to leave her there to return in a few months time to bring her home forever. I cannot imagine what the past few years have been like for them but they handle things with such grace and love and they are FINALLY there!!! They will meet her in just a few hours, this daughter they have loved and thought about and cried for and prayed to hold in their arms. I am absolutely giddy for them. Ellie is this gorgeous tall young momma and her feet right now from traveling, as her sister eloquently put it on facebook, look like the feet that would have belonged to Gilbert Grape's momma. Serioulsy. She posted a picture and it is a bit worrisome and has to hurt and her husband is having some traveling tummy issues already so let's all pray for total health to be restored to this amazing couple. Let's pray for their time with Lily and their children here. Let's pray for God's love to be shown to the people of Thailand through this couple that is a pure joy to know. Prayer works. Let's let them feel it:)

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