Saturday, July 31, 2010

Embarrassed? Depends.

I took my 3 originals on a back to school shopping date today. It was wonderful. They are all so big and it freaks me out. At lunch we talked about what they are most looking forward to this year and dreading. We laughed alot and picked out outfits for each other and folders and the all important backpack for the year.

Funny story of the day:
You know how there are some things that when you buy them, no matter how legal or old you are it is still tampons or family planning needs or even rolaids. Anyway, we are in Wal-mart. I have to do some shopping for supplies for Trevor to take to Jamaica for my father-in-law. The entire day I had been running into people I know. I am on the phone with Trevor perusing the adult diaper section and talking about the benefits of a full brief versus a liner of some sort while Ava is explaining to Noah that Grandpa needs them because his brain doesn't work right and a friend from church walks up. A guy friend. He just walks up smiling and I kind of nervously laugh and explain they are not for me and he throws his hands up and says, "I'm just gonna pretend none of this ever happened." Really funny stuff.
It was a very good day. I am sad to send my kids back to school. I love having them with me. They are really great little people.

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Jenny said...

Homeschool them...even thought about it?