Saturday, June 19, 2010

When I was in the card section today it hit me how many card selections there were that spoke of 'you're like a father to me' or similar sayings. I think it is a telling tale of the time we live in and it makes me that much more greatful for my husband and my dad. It makes me that much more greatful for my heavenly Father. I have always loved to watch my husband with our children, from the first one that first time to each goodnight kiss. The gentleness he shows makes him so strong. The way he laughs with them or encourages them or guides them and loves them is a sight to behold. But, then I saw him love someone else's children....long before they were ours. Then I saw him welcome others into our home and love them and encourage them and guide them and laugh with them and it literally takes my breath away. I have been blessed. He was blessed with his father as an amazing example. My daddy showed me what a real man looked like and I am forever greatful that they all love our Heavenly Father. It is why they are who they are. It is why they are the best group of men I know. I don't think you realize how much a father means in your life until you see someone without one or with one that was hurtful or didn't get the magnitude of what Daddy means. I watch as these kids that have never have a daddy long to sit in Trevor's lap, run to the door when he comes home and wrestle and climb and high five. I watch as this man God sent me opens his arms wide, loves with a deep sincerity, and leads our family with grace. He is humble and God seeking and the man looks fine;) The best decision I ever made, the single greatest choice I ever made was to choose this man as the one who would be the father to my children. He is simply the best. Happy Father's Day Trevor.....from all of us!!

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