Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The snack fairy cometh....

I have this friend my kids like to refer to as the snack fairy. Since not long after P & L came to stay with us she just started showing up intermittently with Costco size snacks for us. Usually several different kinds and most of the time not opened already by her boys. lol (there was one incident, maybe two...but in a year that is pretty good odds) It is always at the perfect time when I desperately need to go to the grocery. And I have never asked her to bring them and she has never asked what she can do. She just saw the need and filled it. Love that about her!

Anyway, this friend is one of those friends who you wish you could spend more time with, the kind that you really could see every. single. day. and not get tired of. She is witty and smart and faithful and frank and so is her sister and I really just love her and her sister:) She is busy with her life and I am busy with mine and our journeys have been different but because of our faith and how we handle struggle, through prayer and inappropriate laughter, we just are dear friends. I love that she can stop by totally unannounced and see me in my 'cleaning clothes' and love me anyway. In fact, my children were literally climbing the doorways this past stop and she doesn't even act like she notices. Then again, she may not, she does have 3 boys! She will sit at the table or lean on my island and push the dried up cheesestick out of the way and she will pet my smelly dog and laugh with me or hug me or just 'be' in my loud crazy home with me and has a way that makes me feel like it's normal. I love that about her.

I love that she shares her life with me and we can talk about the insanity of our lives or the latest reality television show or the unfortunate choice of cosmetic surgery some starlet has made or our deep to your toes faith in God. She lifts me up. Always. I hope I am that kind of friend to someone. I pray she knows she is that for me. And someday, someday we will have time to sit and talk and talk or road trip and visit without interruptions and no telling what trouble we might get into together....we'll drag her sister along with us whether she likes it or not.

But until then, I relish my little drop bys from her. She is that kind of friend.

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Holly Anderson said...

I love you so much. :-) And I love our relationship!

We da bomb.