Monday, June 14, 2010

A runner's tale.

Week eight of the Couch to 5K running program and all is well. I told myself if I stuck with it for six weeks I would allow myself new real running shoes. I got them this weekend. I ran with them for the first time last night and with my new very cute running shirt. I looked the part. It was the first time in this running adventure that I felt like a runner instead of a poser. I pictured myself like this photo with the beautiful stormy sky in the backdrop and my hair blowing in the wind. Yes I know my hair is only about 3 inches long but just go with me here. I didn't look like this. All that visualizing yourself is half of it stuff is garbage. I was brought back down to earth swiftly.

I didn't start my run until about 9:45 at night because of storms moving through the area. I went with my two dear friends that have me beat by at least 20, probably 30 pounds and that are always at the front of our running group while I bring up the rear. I was thinking, like I'm sure you would have been too, that I would be faster this night. I had my new shoes on, isn't that what you've been told your entire life and have chanted as a child since the new tennis shoes come home from the store. All of my children told me I would be faster. That is the last time I trust those little people. Plus I looked half way cute in my little running outfit. Had to be a great run!

I nearly died. It was only about four steps into the run that I realized my new shoes were making me run differently and I'm sure properly but that meant my legs were using muscles that they hadn't been using for the past seven weeks and for the first time my entire legs were crying out to me to stop from shin to hips. About a mile in ****TMI alert*** my body decides it needs to function in a way you don't want it to function on a 3 mile run. To add to my predicament, my very cute top was great for cuteness but not so great for breathability and although the evening was kind of cool, the humidity was not and I soon began to feel like I was going to have heat stroke and no one would know it because my skinny and way faster running partners were about a 1/4 mile ahead of me and it was too dark to see me if I hit the pavement. So the darkness of the night and the instinct for survival had me peeling my cute new shirt off and gasping for air. Instant relief. I started back up my tortoise pace and a glare from a passing car nearly blinded me as it hit my pastey white stomach that hasn't seen the light of day for a decade. I could just see the headlines.....chubby very white runner causes accident on Hazel Dell road in Hamilton County. So on went the cute shirt which has now turned ugly in my mind. I had to walk a few paces four different times and nature reminded me that I am still a poser. Fancy shoes or not.

I did survive though. It wasn't pretty but I survived. I finished a few minutes after my friends and they were telling me how great I did and that my hair looked cute even though it was soaking wet and sticking to my head with my bangs pulled back in a bobby pin. (dont' hate) I felt good that I had done it. Felt good that instead of a Dairy Queen run I was meeting these awesome women for a run and I felt even better that cute or not, runner or not, skinny or not, God has surrounded me with amazing friendships in my life and we sat in the parking lot and laughed about my body trying to function and encouraged one another in how far we've come in just a few short weeks and I felt a great sense of gratitude that I had lived to tell the tale.

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Beautiful Mess said...

Yay you!

Run, Je-en, run!

You can do it!