Saturday, June 26, 2010

In search of the elusive runner's high....

Today I ran and finished my first 5K! The runner's high still eludes me but finishing was the goal and finish, I did. My runner's group and I started in the back of the pack mainly because we were talking and didn't really realize they were starting the race. I had the cutest and one of the only cheering sections in the race. My parents met my husband there will all six of the kids and each of them held a sign. "Mom rocks" "Moms da bomb" Even little JoJo held one saying "Jen's the best" The best part was I saw them three times and they boosted everyone around me's spirits too! My oldest was at a sleepover and decided not to come but woke in the middle of the night and told the girl's mom she wanted to be there for her momma this morning. I loved that she made that choice on her own. The sweetest girl! So there were all my babies and my hot husband and my cute parents cheering me on and looking so proud! Love it!

I think this now makes me a runner.

So if you have never ran a 5K and plan to, let me give you some tips that I learned through my run or through my friend's experiences today.....friends that shall remain nameless.

Jen's top ten list of lessons learned at her first 5K

1.)Pin your bib number on your shirt while standing and looking at a mirror. If you try while sitting in the car on the way, you will not be able to see under your boobs or you may poke the pin into your muffin top.
2.)The person speaking over the microphone will call you athletes, it's okay to chuckle.
3.)There will be bagels after your race but there will be no toaster or cream cheese.
4.)If you have had more than one child or are over the age of 30 it is best to use the facilities before the race or it may be more of a 5P (if you know what I'm sayin')
5.)It is okay to use the cups of water to pour over your head like your 7 year old does at soccer. You will look ridiculous but you will feel cooler.
6.)There will be 13 year olds that pass you and the urge to trip them on mile 2 will come but you must fight it.
7.)There will be women with make up on. Again, no tripping.
8.)Strangers will become your friends and cheer you on and it will help immensely.
9.)If you are the biggest in your group, do not stand by the smallest in your group while taking pictures. just saying.
10.)Set a goal. Mine was to not walk at all. Maybe it's a time but set a goal and have fun!!! Okay, it won't be fun but you will feel good that you did it!

Having some friends to do this with has made all the difference for me. They held me accountable and made it fun and were so encouraging and motivating!

In my spirit of authenticity....
The official results are in. Turns out I am not a runner, I am evidently a jogger.
My time was 36:25. The average time was 32:28. There were 980 runners and I places 710th. (insert stifled laughter here) I had a friend that has been running for years and is about 50 pounds lighter and she ran it in 24:09!!!! But, the devil of comparison will not get my chunky jogging butt down! I've only been running, well jogging, for 8 weeks and I beat 270 people today and that is the way I will look at it:) It took my kids a bit to understand that I wasn't trying to win that I was just trying to finish the race and survive. As they were walking to the car my son turns to me and says "Mom there are still people running. You did great!" I wonder if he gets that those people still running on the walk to the car....they are the ones that are motivating...they won so much today. How cool is that?!

The jogger.


amycornwell said...

You're awesome, I'm so glad you made it. Great job! Your cheering section is adorable!

Jenny said...

Those were hilarious! I had to read them to my husband and sister.

Good job,

Beautiful Mess said...

So proud of you!

I went a cheered someone on at a 5k recently and realized if I had entered and walked i would have got a medal-it was such a small race--

it sort of inspired me...not off my butt yet. but we'll see :)

Ellie said...

That's WONDERFUL, Jen!!!! So proud of you and your group! I, too, loved your tips!!! I am just bummed that, at this phase in my life, I cannot join you all for your runs!