Monday, June 7, 2010

In HIS time

So today was not the day. I think God knew Ava needs her birthday to herself!:)It's a bummer but I am hopeful and feel God's peace in all of this. It was disappointing and I cried and layed on the couch for a power nap while Trevor picked up the kids from our friends. I had my moment of self pity and have moved on. I think it's just frustrating to me that MOM is still in control. But it's not about her or's about P and L and they are good. They are very very good.

When the summons for court was served to her she would not answer the door so they taped it to her door. Then they sent her a copy in the mail as well and she wrote undeliverable on it and sent it back. I think she knows the system well. The judge wants to protect the court and us and have us put notice in the paper for the next court hearing. He was very kind and told us if she doesn't show on the 13th of July that he will be signing the adoption decree that day and we don't even need to come if we don't want to. So it looks like we'll set our sights on the 13th of July.

God has had us in the palm of HIS hand in each moment of the past year and I felt HIS presence with us today and was encouraged by HIS words that you all reminded me of. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. We are completely confident in the plans God has for our family and in HIS perfect timing. What a celebration it will be! Now, I've got a new five year old to celebrate and we are trying out her very own new makeup!


Beautiful Mess said...

Praising God for HIS timing... it's perfect.

Lifting you up because I know even no matter how "reconciled" you are to are ready to be done.

Thankful for you and your journey. Thankful that I see you walk with such grace!

Blessing and peace!


Ellie said...

Wow, Jen! What a time you've been through! Looking forward to the 13th of July, when you can look forward to the future with new certainty! Keep us posted!! ;)