Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sometimes God calls us to crazy. I know that now. I am in this world but not of this world. I claim God's world view and to many people that often makes me appear a bit, well....off.

Tomorrow we will be welcoming a five year old boy into our home for a short (2-3 week) placement with Safe families. I can't say alot because of confidentiality but his momma is about to have a baby and they don't have the support they need. It's funny but I first heard about this family a few months ago and it seems that God has been trying to put this family in our path for sometime. I am hoping it is an opportunity to show the love of Jesus to this family and to build trust and establish a relationship that will continue forever. I am hoping that we can become the family they need to support and encourage them. We all need that. Everyone deserves that and God intends for us to be in relationship with one another.

I got the call this evening around 7:40. Talked to Trevor and asked him what he thought and he said he was fine with it but I would be the person around the most and it was up to me if I thought I could handle it. I went for my run at 8:00 and prayed about it and it made me keep getting slower, my talking with God. I still wasn't sure but just felt like who am I to tell God that this would be hard. Wasn't it hard for him to have nails in HIS hands? To die for me? To forgive me for all my failures and messups and who am I to tell Him no. Who am I to tell this mom no. I have the room. I have the love but no. It'll put a cramp in my style. We'll have to take two cars everywhere. How will I take six kids to the pool or the zoo or the movie? How could I tell this child no. I couldn't. I won't. "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." Matthew 18:5

So, welcome little man. I called Safe Families back at 9. We will be happy to love on you and encourage you and we hope to be able to build a relationship with your family so that we can continue to show you all the love of our Jesus. I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow and learn who you are.

Sometimes God calls us to crazy. Crazy looks good on me.


love said...

amen to appearing "off" to most people! =) have you read Radical or watched the video series? our small group is doing it now and i am SO excited for what God has in store for all of us. i'm ready to shed all this junk that is so worldly. praying for Him to help us there quick!

i'm so proud of you and will be praying.

LedaP said...

it's people like you that our adoption song (for our fundraiser) was written about! God bless you for taking on this little boy - and best wishes.

We were just DTC for our 2nd SN adoption from China on 5/14. We've got a 9 year old waiting for us in Guangzhou...even if you can't donate, I hope you lwill listen to the song (by clicking on the video on my blog).


Michelle said...

I hope it is going well!

Beautiful Mess said...

Off! In good company!

Can't wait to heat more of how God uses you in the family.