Friday, June 11, 2010

All is well. Really.

Day three with our new placement and all is well. This little guy is a total sweetie and is fitting in great. He is all boy and has lots of questions and stays very busy but listens to instructions and is so friendly and funny. It is way different going from 3 to 5 than 5 to 6. This seems easy:) I think the main difference is that I know this little guy will be going back to his momma and that she is doing what she needs to do to learn how to be the best mom she can be. She seemed very nice on the phone and was appreciative and kind. I already love this little guy and so do the kiddos. The best thing since he has stayed has been that he was crying himself to sleep at night at his prior placements but since he’s been with us hasn’t! I am so glad he feels comfortable……or maybe we’ve just worn him out and he doesn’t have any energy left!!

He has a great smile and offers it willingly to anyone passing by with a big hello. At dinner the first night he offered to pray and said a great prayer thanking God for our day, “something and everything” and it was so cute. When we all went to pray at night he immediately closed his eyes and bowed his little head. I still remember it taking weeks to teach P and L the nighttime prayer routine!

He’s a good eater just like the rest of them. Yesterday we went through an entire pack of poptarts, a few eggs, a few pancakes, four bowls of cereal, a container or cottage cheese and lots of milk and juice, eight pb&j sandwiches, two pounds of strawberries, an entire box of cheez it crackers, a 3 pound meatloaf, two boxes of family size mashed potatoes, a gallon of green tea and one and a half bags of family size broccoli! Throw in six popsicles and a gallon or more of water and I think we’re close to the daily consumption around here! Don’t even get me started on sunscreen and toilet paper How do the Dugger’s do it? Oh yeh, they are making the big bucks with that little show they have.

It’s funny, I do think I understand their slightly warped way of thinking. When you have five you begin to think, what’s one more? I am quite sure that I will not think that after six (don’t worry honey, I promise:)God made this transition happen with this momma’s one vice…the internet… broken down. Very funny, God.

The fact is that we have love to offer a child that needs it. We have support and encouragement to offer a mom that needs an example of family in her life. We don’t have the fancy. We don’t have the stuff. We never will. We have more than that. When you can let that all go….and sit on your slipcovered twenty year old couch and watch your 13 year old television in your family room that badly needs carpet…..when you can let that all go….it is so amazingly freeing. I know our priorities don’t look like most. I know our priorities don’t look like the worlds. We chose that. We chose this full of love and full of children home over the full of stuff life. I am so glad we did. That is not to say you can’t have both. Many do. It just hasn’t happened like that for us. And the day I welcomed contentment was the day I felt free.

In the past few days we have been to the pool and to visit friends and cut up our apple tree that didn’t survive the storm. We have weeded the garden and played on the swingset and watched movies and played wii. We have brushed many little teeth and given lots of baths (too bad the pool doesn’t count for that) and wiped lots of faces and broken up a few arguments and one little almost turned physical brouhaha. We have cooked and cleaned and made a pretty smooth transition. I will say that the support, prayers and encouragement from others is so great. I know we couldn’t do this if we didn’t have that.

One of the best things this has provided us so far, is a look into how far Logan has come. This little one reminds me so much of my little Logan walking through the door with the same insecurities and defenses and the inclination to melt down at the slightest inkling that things may not go exactly your way. Wow! What a difference a year makes.

(Since my writing this...a friend showed up at our door unannounced with a boatload of groceries. She has five children of her own. This is what I mean when I say how blessed we are and how I couldn't do this without that. I love it when the body of Christ shows up.)


Jenny said...

You will think that after 6 - that's how I got from 6 to 9!

Beautiful Mess said...

Praise God! and eating up every ounce...hopefully to be my life someday :)

Crazy! Off! God is all up in it!