Thursday, May 6, 2010


Things are going well in our household. I haven't blogged about P and L lately because there hasn't been anything remarkable. But then I was thinking today about how remarkable that is. There is nothing out of the ordinary. No intense struggle going on with them. No emotional outbursts. No acting out of frustrations with their feelings. We have settled into a normalcy around here. I'm sure it doesn't look normal to anyone else but it's normal for us:) They climb, like the rest of our children, into my lap every morning. They climb up my leg throughout the day for a squeeze and a quick 'I love you.' They want my comfort and to please and they are loving and trusting and all feels right with our little world.

It's almost been a year now and this family has found our way, I think. Trevor and I are learning what it takes to parent five children and to keep our relationship above water. To be honest, we swallowed alot of it before we got it right. The children are figuring out how to be a team and to love one another without fear or insecurity. This momma is finding her sanity in support of friends and family and trying hard to take care of herself. This momma is in awe of our God. and so. very. thankful.

for the normalcy.
for the unremarkable.


amycornwell said...

Praise God for unremarkable! Celebrating with you!

Beautiful Mess said...

That my friend is REMARKABLE :))

Making me smile!

Praise God with you!