Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm a runner...

I'm a runner. Well, okay that might be a stretch. I am on week three of the Couch to 5K running program. ( It takes a non-runner in eight weeks ready for a 3 mile run. A group of friends are all doing it together so the accountability is great as is the motivation to be as skinny as that group running in front of me:)

I should start by saying that I hate all things running. I get hot. I don't like sweating. It hurts. I'm chubby and could start a fire with my thighs. The first week I did well but I felt like my stomach was actually clapping for me and my butt kept running into me everytime I stopped....but other than that it was okay. Second week was good. Some shin splints and my face stays bright red for about three hours after my run. My internal body temp must take forever to cool down and it's not even Summer yet. And at the beginning of the third week something crazy has happened. I have only lost three pounds but my clothes are fitting differently, things are jiggling less and at the end of a loud stressful day I actually am ready for my run. I know, I know, insane. There must be something about the unrythmic sound of my novice running form, the gasps for air and the feel of sweat running down my back that I actually find calming.

I'm sticking it least for the eight weeks. So,much like I call myself a writer in my own head (afterall, I blog!) I have taken to calling myself a runner.
Run like the wind.


Ellie said...

Jen, you're hilarious!!! You had me laughing out loud! Your stomach clapping for you! :) Everybody who's ever run has felt her body jiggle all over, and can relate to that insecurity! You put it beautifully (well, maybe not literally beautifully!)

I think it's great that you're running! I'll bet you all have a blast, too! It really is addictive! I hope you stick with it!

Beautiful Mess said...

Way to go you!