Monday, April 26, 2010

My better half.

Sometimes I get asked, "How do you do it all?" The truth is I don't. At any given point in the day I am behind on something. The catch is to not get behind on everything at the same time. And prioritize. Sometimes a kid goes to bed without a bath or we forget to read our library books or two days worth of laundry is piled up to the rafters. Sometimes our lawn needs mowed (looking out at it now)or dinner is ramen noodles and my trim in my house has needed painted since the day we moved in almost five years ago. But the basics are done. The kids are loved and cared for. Our family is happy. That is my priority.

The other answer to how I do it is: #1 God....trusting in Him, depending on Him and using His strength instead of my own.
#2 My husband. He is how I do it.

Back in my high school days I spent alot of my time dating boys that needed saving. My mom, in her wisdom, gave me some of the best advice then. Advice I believe saved my life(a story for another day) She told me that just because I can deal with a guy's faults or personality doesn't mean my children can and that when I was choosing my 'boyfriend' I should pick a man that would make a good father. It took me years to actually take the advice but then one day I realized that 'my type' wasn't working for me. And then I met Trevor. I would like to say it was love at first sight. It wasn't. But the very first time I met him, I went to sleep that night knowing that he would always be my friend and that he has.

I can do all of this because my husband is the kind of man that does the dishes and gives baths and does laundry and never complains about any of it and looks cute doing it. He is the kind of man that leads our family with his faith and trust in God. He makes me a laugh.....usually when he doesn't mean to which makes it even better. He's the kind of funny that doesn't realize he's being funny. He is the kind of man that when he goes to see his ailing father he doesn't sit quietly by but he feeds him and bathes him and holds his hand and reads to him. He is 6 feet five inches and as gentle as they come. He is the kind of man that has worked to build a life for himself and his family coming from a third world country to the U.S. where he didn't know a soul. He is the kind of man that has several children (that aren't ours) at church or on the soccer field run up and hug him because he has touched their life in some way as a teacher or coach. He is the kind of man that will take two children who's dad neglected to ever know them and call them his children and love them as such. He is the kind of manager at work that asks about his employee's lives and truly cares about them.

He is the kind of dad that my dad is. The kind of dad my mother told me to look for. He is the kind of dad that sits and does homework or wrestles around on the ground with them. He makes a great jungle gym and cheerleader rooting them on. He is the kind of dad that makes them laugh and disciplines with seriousness and gentleness and patience. He is the kind of dad that they miss when he is gone one night from dinner.

Sure, Trevor can't seem to find the hamper in our bedroom. It appears he thinks it is two feet to the left of where it actually is. If you want him to make a decision be prepared to wait and wait and wait. You can tell exactly where he's been in the house by what cabinets or closet doors are open because he never shuts anything. BUT, who cares? This man is the real deal. He is the kind of husband that loves his open-book-tell-everyone-everything wife even though he is intensely private. He is the kind of husband that asks how he can pray for me and does. He is the kind of husband that doesn't pretend to understand my emotional range in any given day but loves me in each of them. He helps me and lends a hand and laughs at my jokes and tells my I'm pretty even though there is way more of me here then there was when we met. He is not perfect. Our marriage is not perfect. But there is no one else in this world I would rather be my partner in this not so perfect life. There is no one else I would rather spend a day with. There is no one else I would want to be the father of my children. God handpicked him for me. I am blessed.

And as a bonus, he's hot!


Carrie said...

Absolutely love it! I could say all of those beautifully spoken words (which you have the gift of and I do not) about my husband as well. We are very lucky gals!

Beautiful Mess said...

This made me cry, and laugh and just generally happy!

Many of the sentiments about my own man.

and just so you know--we had a "foster care" conversation this morning and from the sounds of it we are moving forward. Ahhhhh! and Yeah! and aaaaahhhhhh again!


Michelle said...

Love that you love your husband, and aren't afraid to share. God has blessed you two! (and your babies)