Friday, April 16, 2010

The hand of providence...

How cool is our God? Seriously?!! If you don't know Him, you should acquaint yourself.

Just Wednesday evening I was telling some friends that we weren't going to be able to get the kids a playset like we had planned because that money was needed in Jamaica now. One of them knew of a neighbor who was giving her set away and thought we might be interested even though it needed work. Work! I'm all about the elbow grease. So with a little bit of hope that it was in working order I planned to go see it today.

This morning my Facebook status was
1 John 14-15 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.
I went to see the playset and it was great and in great shape. Now just to find the help to tear it down and set it up and give it the work it needs. I came home so excited and told my sister about it. Within a minute a text I was unaware of was sent to another sister in a panic. My phone rings and I hear, " I heard you found a free swingset?" Huh? I literally just walked in the door and had only told one person and I was standing looking at her. My sister on the phone informs me that she and her husband have been wanting to buy us a set since P and L first came to live with us and they were waiting to get it as a celebration when the adoption is final. They decided this week not to wait anymore and our new playset will arrive soon!!! Even wilder is that the one they ordered is the exact same one I had picked out and had the money saved up for until it went to higher priority things. I cannot believe it. I'm still a bit stunned. Do you know how a working playset will change this ladies summer! Wahoo!!!!

I declared it quiet time and have sat and thought about just how cool our God is. If He is a God that cares about if my children have a playset or not, then surely He is a God that cares for my husbands decisions and the health and life of my father-in-law. What an awesome God we serve. He provides for all our needs and sometimes blesses us more than we can even imagine. Sometimes He even provides the extras that will help save this little momma's sanity this summer:) I've said it before and I will say it truly takes a village and my village is the best. If you hear a loud ''weeeeeeeee'', it's just me trying out the slide.

Oh yeh, I almost forgot. I was able to call another friend who was wanting one and struggling with the finances for it and now she can get the one for free!! How cool is that?!


Wes, Stacy, Preston and Owen said...

Thanks for the encouragement today Jen! I needed to hear that God is interested in even the smallest details of our lives. I just had a 45 minute nap standoff and I just hate those. It's good to know that we have a God who can encourage us even when we feel that we've reached the end of our ropes! Enjoy the swingset!

Beautiful Mess said...

God is pretty cool!!!!!!

Michelle said...

How great is our God!!!!!! (and as a mother to 3 daughters of my own, I TOTALLY understand how much you will enjoy it too!)

As For Our House...We will serve the Lord. said...

Hi you!
I would LOVE to chat with you more about the mission trip. It is non-medical....totally focusing on the children...drop-in center, orphange, etc.

I fixed the links (I think) so it should work now. I would love to chat sometime!!