Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Braving the open road.....

On Sunday afternoon I packed the kids in the van and we took off for Aunt Nae Nae's house about 4 hours away in Kentucky. A few people called me nuts piling 5 kids into a van and venturing off on my own, but when all 5 belong to you it doesn't seem quite as crazy, I promise. Ten minutes into the trip someone touched someone else. Another five minutes later and every book in the bag was out and strewn all over the van and the selection of dvd titles was being debated. It took a full 36 minutes before the first single "where are we" was uttered. That might be a new Harris record. It was then asked about every 30 minutes thereafter which made the exit for the distellery slightly tempting but I settled on the fresh bag of Easter jellybeans.

Actually, my crew did great. My sister had warned me that she lived in the middle of nowhere. Now, my big city friends would think that my own little town fit that bill but this truly was... out there. I knew I must be close when the signs declaring "Vote Stumpy Durham for county jailer" appeared on the side of the road. Every five minutes we could have stopped at a baptist church or visited the local taxidermy shop and the above ground pools had ten thousand dollar decks around them. My cell phone literally switched time zones from the front of their house to the back deck and text messages appeared randomly hours after they were sent. I think Campbellsville might be the U.S's version of the Bermuda triangle.

All kidding aside though, the trip was great and the quality cousin time was well worth the trip. It was nice to just sit and chat with my sister and watch our kids play together. It's a beautiful area with a gorgeous state park across the street from their house where we hiked in the woods, climbed trees, skipped rocks on the lake, played on the playground and enjoyed the gorgeous weather God gave us while we were there. It's a place where the roofs are made of metal, you park your car in the garage under your house and your neighbor may very well be three quarters of a mile down the road. It is the place my sister now calls home. The perfect place for her bass fishing, antique shopping, horseback riding family. It is a place I'm sure my children will have great memories of and a place I'm sure we'll visit often. I'm so glad I braved the open road with my crew. It's moments like the ones that have composed the past few days that are what life is all about.

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rene said...

I LOVE this blog gal! thanks so much for coming! It was so good to have your crew's smiling, giggling, faces fill my home!!! I loved every second of it!