Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 15th

For most people, April 15th marks the deadline for filing your taxes. For me, it marks the day I was given the gift of my son. My Noah will turn 7 tomorrow. He is the sweetest boy. I don't say that lightly. I mean this kid is really really sweet. He's the kind of kid that you miss everyday he's at school because he just has a way of making life better.

He is such a kind soul and is patient and loving and has an awesome heart for Jesus. We tease him that he inherited the Harris ability to pray because that boy prays with conviction and the things his almost seven year old mind knows to pray for knocks the breath out of me. He is such a great big brother and let's L follow him around everywhere and repeat everything he says and does. He loves to help and is affectionate and thoughtful. He even tells his momma she's pretty.

The boy loves sports...any sport but really has taking a liking to football, basketball and soccer. He could play video games all day long if I let him but I am blessed with a well rounded son that likes to read as well. He is smart as a whip and if we could just get him to see the value of giving our best everytime we'll really be on to something. He can do math problems faster than I can.

He loves to act silly and rough house and thinks wrestling and tackle football are two of the greatest things ever invented. If there is a ball in the house he is bouncing it or using the drapery rod as a goal and the energy just doesn't stop. My Noah is a complete joy to me. He his eyes dance with life. And the one thing I have to mention before I Noah is as handsome as they come. I'm so glad the beauty of his heart matches that outward beauty he was blessed with.

Happy 7th Birthday, Noah Andrew. I am so proud to call you my son. I look forward to the life God has called you too.


Beautiful Mess said...

Love your precious children!

tell him Happy Birthday from a stranger :)!

Michelle said...

You're right...he is gorgeous!!!

Holly Anderson said...

Happy Birthday, Noah!

BTW, how could I not know that he and Seth were born just one day apart?

If only we'd known one another then and gone through those pregnancies together ... or maybe not. :-D I'm not sure the town would've been big enough for the two of us and our personalities while pregnant!