Friday, March 26, 2010

This weekend I will be celebrating my oldest daughter, Grace, or as Trevor likes to call her, our firstborn. She will turn 10 on Monday. Tonight is her slumber party with friends. Sunday is her birhtday party with family. Monday she'll get to pick out dinner and just enjoy HER day!

This girl is something special. When she was a baby, people would stop us to tell us how beautiful she was. People would walk clear across the restaurant or the store just to tell us what a beautiful baby she was. "Oh those eyes," they would say. She is just starting to grow in to her eyes. She was our first, we thought is was normal. She was a beauty. She is a beauty. She is built like her Grandma Harris with long lean legs and a waist I'll never find pants to fit. She has always been just a really great kid. As a little one, we never had to baby proof. We told her no once and she never did it again. We could sit and eat at a restaurant for hours and she would be good and playful. We could take her anywhere and she just adjusted and adapted. She did everything early. We thought that was normal too. She walked at 9 months and told us for her first birthday she wanted Blues Clues. She told us in complete sentences. My sister used to call her 'baby genius' until we told her to stop since Grace was starting to tell perfect strangers that she was a 'baby genus!' She was a complete joy.

She still is. She is a really bright, smart girl that tends to be too hard on herself. She has a heart for service and for God. She is creative beyond my imagination and loves to write and photograph and paint and draw and sketch designs. She has made some really great outfits and has aspirations right now of being a designer. She used to want to be an architect and early on wanted to be a school bus driver:) I have no doubts my Grace will be whatever she sets her heart on. She reads her Bible every night on her own will. She helps out around the house and is a delightful big sister. She can be shy and spent the first few years of early chldhood kind of in a shell but boy has that shell come off in the past few years. She is funny and playful and I love to watch her laugh. As these pre-teen years hit, she is chatty and inquisitive and starting to look at me like I may not know everything. Imagine that.

She loves Math and Science and wearing two different socks. My Grace can kick a soccer ball with the best of them or shoot hoops with the scrappiness of her mama. She is unique and not afraid to be different and I am so unbelievably proud to be her mother. I cannot believe she is turning 10. It has been such an honor to be her momma and I look forward to what God has in store for my firstborn. I can't think of a better kid to lead the rest of our crew. Happy Birthday my sweet Grace.


Beautiful Mess said...

Sorry I have been a slacker reader :))

I have been a busy lady!

Happy B-day to your beautiful girl!

God bless!

Holly Anderson said...

So much of who she is - is because of who you are, and who you and Trevor have been to her.

She is awesome - and so are her parents! Keep up the good work. And the prayer. :-)

Happy Birthday Grace!!