Friday, March 19, 2010

My friends rock!

When it comes to friendships, I am obscenely blessed. I am surrounded by amazing, beautiful women that encourage and support me. This past weekend I was able to go out with friends that I have known since I was fifteen and we have been through it all together...the death of a parent, the death of a child, marriages, divorce, children, miscarriages, job changes, moves, growing and changing and through it all loving one another. We ate and laughed and talked and laughed and just being with them makes my world feel round.

Another friend showed up at our home this week with snacks for the kids. She has been doing this since P and L first came to live with us. We like to call her the 'snack fairy lady' but how great is it that I have a friend who would be so insightful that all of these children require alot of snacks and to think about that need and want to fill it for us? She prays for me and lets me vent and makes me laugh and has a life of chaos that rivals ours:) I love her.

Another friend, one I get to call Sister, sent me flowers this week just to give me a smile. I have four sisters and two sisters-in-law and they are all truly amazing. Not to mention my momma that rocks.

Another friend, one I get to call Aunt, called and just lovingly shares her concerns for me and if I'm taking care of myself. She has always been my advocate and I love her so much for it.

I went to dinner with the women from my homegroup and was so blessed by how those friendships are growing and developing. They are so cool to do life with.

Another friend dropped off the most adorable clothes that would work for P and a brand new game system that she won that she thought we could put back for a birthday or Christmas for one of the littles. She had called me earlier to let me know to keep doing what I'm doing. She grew up in foster care and she knows what it is like to be on the recieving end of the love I try to give.

Countless friends prayed for me, for our family.

Another friend dropped by a little gift for me and a thoughtful note to remind me of the difference I am making. She lives across town, has a busy family of her own and she took the time to bless me.

Another friend, sent me the most amazing note of encouragement through Facebook. She just reached out to me and supported me and it meant so much.

Friends that have adopted older children let me pick their brain and ask personal questions and shared their own difficult struggles with me and let me share in their victories. They offered a listening ear and just a place of safety knowing I could say what I need because they had been there too.

Some friends kept me accountable for this weight I'm trying to lose. Others just made me laugh through a witty Facebook post or response. Some called or came by. Some responded to my blog to encourage me and offer prayer and support.

And that's just this week. I told you. Obscenely blessed. These are the coolest ladies. There are so many courageous, strong, selfless, kind, thoughtful, generous, amazing women that I call friend. And I do not take it lightly. You all bless me. So if I count you as my friend, thank you. This week has been better and I feel your prayers and support. This week has been better because of you.

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Beautiful Mess said...

Aww! That is so encouraging and awesome!

Friends rock!