Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodbye old friend

I had to say goodbye today.

Have you ever had that pair of jeans that you wear until the knees fray out or the pocket is hanging off of them. Or maybe it's been a favorite T that wears so thin passersby can read the tag on your bra. Maybe you've had that cozy sweater you wear around the house even thought it went out of style a decade ago but it is so stinkin' cozy and the one thing that gets you warm on those cold winter days. For me, it is a pair of red t-shirt material capri length lounge pants. They are amazing. The softest cotton ever and an elastic waist that has fit me through three pregnancies and snaps back afterwards. I could live in these pants. I could be buried in these pants...they are so comfortable. They have been there for me through the past ten years. I got them on clearance at Target for like $6 bucks so they were well worth every penny! Yesterday I wore them for the last time. Trevor is dancing in thanksgiving. When they lost their drawstring he said I should throw them away. Silly man. When they started to fray around the elastic band he thought I should toss them. Doesn't get it. You get it, don't you?! When the waistband actually became exposed I caught him once trying to dispose of them. How dare he. They have been loyal and grown with me and shrunk with me and comforted me. But now, now it is the humane thing to do to put them out of their misery. Several small holes have turned in to really big holes and it has flaws now that even the baggiest of t-shirts can't hide. I am so sad. I will miss them. What will I wear next time I don't feel well? When I'm bloated? Six bucks won't buy that kind of comfort these days. So sad to see them go. Goodbye old friend.

What's your comfort piece?


Beautiful Mess said...

My comfort piece was (notice past tense) a sweater we called my "schweata" it was so ugly and it was green and I was famous for it. I heard some call it the "Oscar the grouch schweata" that was a fitting name by looks but not personality.

I still mourn it's loss today. i like to think God "took it to heaven" like Elijah as it mysteriously disappeared.

Anyway that is my ridiculous story :)) I miss my schweata!

Jen said...

aahhh, 'schweata' sounds wonderful and calling it that gives me a perfect picture:)

Ellie said...

I've got an OLD pair of shorts... shorts I wore in high school volleyball, wore when we painted our first house in 1999, etc... I don't wear them often, and Eric DETESTS them, but they've been through it all with me! :)

Les said...

I have a dry fit longsleeve shirt that I wore in my first adventure race, with green grass stains, bike chain oil stains...the works! The neck collar is hanging on by a thread. No way I'm letting go of that baby:-) It's symbolic of the accomplishment of competing in my first adventure race! (notice there is no mention of finishing that particular race...humm)

Holly Anderson said...

I had this bright pink t-shirt with the numbers "3-2-1" huge on the front (no idea why). Anyway, I wore this thing to bed and around the house until it was literally falling apart. I wanted to wear this shirt while I was in labor with Alexx and Mom and Sean REFUSED! I have a photo of me in it on my due date and I want to cry when I see it. :-D

I think they secretly threw it away at some point; I don't know.

I miss that old friend like crazy. Even after 18 years. :-(