Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FBI calling.....there seems to be a problem!

Part of the process of adopting is a homestudy which includes passing an FBI fingerprint analysis. It is a national check and helps weed out the creepies. Anyway, we did ours immediately the first week of February so there would not be any hold up with the adoption and last night I was informed that they ran them for the state, not national and we need the national ones. So we have to pay again, which is nominal, and Trevor has to get some time from work again and be reprinted. I tried to tell them they haven't changed, but they weren't hearing it;) You would think they could just run the same set again through the national database. So anyway, that is the holdup. As soon as that is processed, we should have a courtdate.

Since the kids have come to live with us and especially since this entire court journey has started, I've gotten excited each time the baby dedication at our church has neared thinking that maybe by then they would be ours and we could dedicate them at our church that has supported us like crazy......BUT, I have seen it come and go three times now and so I am trying to be patient as we wait on God's time. Next time. Next time, I'm sure we'll be ready.

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