Friday, March 5, 2010

Everybody poops

This is Wally. He is cute. He is small. And he poops. Turns out he poops all winter long whether you scoop it or not. And when all that beautiful white snow you see surrounding him melts, the poop remains. So today I took the kids for a walk and we played in the yard and I realized I hadn't scooped the poop since 2009.So Trevor took Grace and her friend to the Toby Mac concert for an early birthday present and I scooped, and scooped and scooped. Trevor pulled the ole' ''Dad's doing something special for their daughter'' card and I got stuck with this job. I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed the chorus of ''here's more poop" from the littles who thought it was some kind of game. I think I could start my own fertilizer business. I am almost positive our grass will be greener. As I hung up the super duper pooper scooper that set me back twenty bucks, I added this chore to the older kids chore chart with a smile on my face. Let's see who thinks it's a game next time:)

1 comment:

Beautiful Mess said...

What a cute pooping pup!

We have a lab pup and talk about poop... well that isn't where this was going so...

Thanks for the smile!

Have a great day today! Love, Jen