Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Deep thoughts...

Todays lunch conversation was deep. Let's be honest, most days it consists of what route Dora took to get past the grumpy troll, who has a booger nose, and what they are going to do on their special night with mom and dad. Today was different.

This morning out of the clear blue, L started crying. He was sitting on the floor playing with the girls and I was right there. He burst into tears. I asked him what was wrong and he said he missed his MOM. He didn't call her MOM, he called her by name but he missed her all the same. I held onto him and said I was so sorry that it hurts him and makes him sad and it makes me sad too. This is the first time since Christmas he has mentioned her. It makes me wonder how many times he doesn't say anything or the tears don't come. I wondered what triggered it, what made him think of her and miss her so much at that moment of time. He recoverd quickly and was playing in no time.

At lunch he asked if we could pray for her. Broke my heart. Here is this four year old boy that knows he can pray for his broken MOM. He has learned that we can reach out to Jesus and He will heal those who are hurting. So we prayed for MOM, that she was safe. We thanked God for her and we prayed that she be healthy. We prayed for L and P's broken hearts. We prayed for our new family.

The lunch conversation then turned to race. "MOM has a brown face and you are white," I think is how it went. Ava pointed out that she is the only brown girl in her class and she said it makes her feel weird sometimes. We wondered if the short kid or the one with glasses or the really tall girl felt weird sometimes too. I asked her if it bothered her that Mommy was the only white person in our family. It didn't. We talked about how colorful our entire family is, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc and what a special thing that is. We talked about how God made us. We talked about being unique and fearfully and wonderfully made. We talked about how families can look very different from each other and that it's the love that makes you family, not if you look the same. We talked about how cool it is that there are so many different people in the world and how boring it would be if we were all the same. None of them seemed to be bothered by the race thing. It was more a fact and just the way it is. There was lots of giggling and comparing of arm colors.

I sat looking at my table full of brown faces and the sweet white red head I watch and I felt so thankful that they are growing up celebrating and talking about our multiracial mix. I thanked L for telling me that he was missing MOM. I thanked them all for such a great conversation and all their good ideas and thoughts. And then somebody tooted and the laughter insued and I lost them. Back to boogers and cartoons.


amycornwell said...

You're amazing! What a wonderful example you and Trevor are to your children. It's amazing how L at 4 years old is asking to pray for someone. WOW! And I love the fact that after that deep conversation someone tooted...that cracked me up. I love kids. They're so innocent and straightforward and loving.

Beautiful Mess said...

Wow! That IS some deep stuff. Sounds like it all went good though!

Praising God for your mix! and love the pic... too sweet.

Take care!


HoosierMama said...

Wow, Jen, Big Huge Tears and Laughter all at the same time. I love the honesty and straightforwardness of children-it's so refreshing, isn't it?! No worry of political correctness or saying the wrong thing...just the simplicity of asking a question and sharing feelings...and you answering with simple, honest, heartfelt words and truth.

I love that L felt the safety to tell you how he was feeling and how AMAZING that he asked to pray for her. What an awesome impact you, Trevor, and your family have had on this special little boy in such a short time. He is a true gift. He is going to do amazing things.

I'm so happy, and we're so blessed, our little pale, white red-headed boy gets to be in the mix of your colorful family. I love it! I love that to him...they're just his friends and it's his everyday normal...I hope he never knows anything different.