Sunday, February 21, 2010

The needies

My three youngest haven't been feeling well. Nothing major. Just bad coughs, a little tummy bug and a case of the needies. I've never had all three of them sick at the same time and at times it seemed like my lap wasn't big enough. When your lap isn't big enough, they resort to other things like your head. This time it was Trevor's turn.

You know when you were little and sick and you just wanted your mom? Heck, I'm big and when I'm really sick, I still want my mom. This is the first time P and L have really not felt well since they've been with us. So I braced myself. I prepared myself for the fact that they would ask for her. For MOM. With the loss of her in their life so fresh, I just knew they would want her. They would want her arms and her hugs and her sympathy even though it was my face getting coughed in, my nose being assaulted by all kinds of things and my hands cleaning up and comforting. But the thing is, they didn't ask. They haven't gotten an inch from me. They have climbed into my lap a hundred times and they have kissed my face over and over and they have told me their tummy hurts and layed by me and climbed into my bed to snuggle. I have wiped noses and heinies a hundred times. I have comforted and I have held and I am becoming their mom and they know it. They know it. They wanted me. They have only asked for me.

I'm not naive enough to think that we won't ever have another issue again or that they will never ask for MOM or long for a relationship with her but I am thankful enough to recognize the little victories. This is bigger than fishsticks! (see earlier post)


Jade said...

I love your posts, Jen! :) Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

How glad they have a good mommy!