Friday, February 12, 2010


Today at lunch little Miss P tells me she doesn't like fishsticks. I tell her she's silly thinking she just wants the new pile of Valentines candy that her sister brought home from pre-school and tell her to finish her lunch. I cannot even remember how many times she has had them in the past ten months and eaten them. So I watch her for a bit. Struggling to eat them. And it hits me then. This little girl trusts me. She trusted me enough to tell me that she doesn't like fishsticks and knew I would love her anyway and feed her something else. She trusted me enough to tell me something she doesn't like and for a little girl that copes with smiling through everything and acting like the world is perfect it made me want to cry. I ask her if she likes them or not and she crinkles her nose and looks nervous and whispers 'not.' I scoop her up and hug her and tell her I'm sorry I didn't know she doesn't like fishsticks. I tell her that we won't be having them anymore and I thank her for telling me the truth that she was feeling. This was a big day for us. It may seem funny to you but I will forever remember the day this beautiful girl told me she doesn't like fishsticks. Lord knows how many times I've put them in front of her. I wonder what else she doesn't like around here?! I'm afraid we may soon find out;)


steffany said...

Wow...good job momma.

Beautiful Mess said...

God bless you--this made my cry!

I love moments like these.


Holly Anderson said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent! So very similar to trying to navigate the waters of autism.

We are always having to negotiate the balance between pushing Seth into unfamiliar waters to challenge him so he can grow, and knowing what are issues for him, acknowledging them, and making accommodations for it.

Always feel like I'm walking on a tightrope!

You are doing a fantastic job! They are thriving in your care and that is what matters most!

Jenny said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a commment; I've actually visited your blog through Stef's also. It's nice to "meet" you; I'm going to become a follower.
Have a blessed day,
Jenny at

love said...

YES! what a blessing.

clay did this with bananas. at first, i was thrown off guard because he ate bananas at the orphanage when they occasionally got them. then, i wept with joy and gratitude. he knew that i would give him something else. he knew there was enough. he trusted me enough to not like a food.