Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random: exhibit A

I've written before about how great my parents are and they truly are but my siblings and I joke as they get older that they are getting a little more....shall we say, random. I would like to submit exhibit A.

Mom and Dad called this week to see if they could come up and watch the Colts game with us. Of course is the answer so we decide that we will talk later on about food and all that. So I call mom yesterday and tell her I made soup and veggie pizza and some guacomole and I also had some stuff here for taco salad. She says, "well I can bring something too." I said sure if you want to that's fine and she says she'll call me in the morning and let me know. Fine. So the phone rings this morning and mom is bringing........drum roll please............a pot roast. LOL seriously. No chips or dips or chicken wings for the game but a pot roast, not that there's anything wrong with that, but who brings a pot roast to watch a football game. It totally cracked me up.

Fast forward about an hour and I am chatting with one of my sisters online and telling her another 'random' mom and dad story and she types hahahahahahaha over and over and says that they tried to bring it to her house yesterday so dad must be craving pot roast. Now we are both 'rofl' rolling on the floor laughing. All at the expense of our parents, who I love immensely but that is some funny stuff. Maybe dad just didn't want soup but I'm thinking exhibit A is the first of many random moments.