Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm trying something new around here. It's called organization. When you have five children aged 9 or under it's really just organized chaos so I am attempting to regain some order and implement a system. Don't laugh. I was not gifted with organization. You people that have all those cute little boxes made with designer papers holding all your goods have my insane jealousy. I once made three cute binders to put all my kids stuff in so each child would be organized with their school info, kids numbers, etc and then I got two more children and the cute binders are still empty!

I have spent the past two days creating a spreadsheet. Again, no laughter. One for the children's daily chores and one for mine and the hubs. I know what needs to get done around here but it never quite seems to and then I end up spending one day in a complete tizzy trying to get it all done. I can't ever really keep up so this is my attempt at it. Plus I love a list. I am a list maker. If I have done something not on my list, I often quickly write it down to immediately cross it off. A list gives me that sense of accomplishment this stay at home mother needs. There is no boss telling me what a great job I've done or patting me on the back, no awards to win, but there is that list with all it's little checks and I can look at it and revel at the success of my day! No. Laughing.

So, I spent most of the day cleaning to be ready. The new system will start Monday of giving each of us a little task for the day so that we can stay on top of things around here and it doesn't always look like the circus has come to town and set up in my family room. I'm hoping my love of lists and desire not to be a raving lunatic will make this little attempt at organization my crowning achievement. That might be slightly dramatic, but I hope it works:)


steffany said...

Go Girl Go.
Can"t wait to hear how it works!

Beautiful Mess said...

Way to go!

important if only I could follow suit

HoosierMama said...

I'm laughing...just because I LOVE lists, too! It's definitely a sign of organization. And, I do the same thing-write something down just to cross it off my list...what a sense of accomplishment!

PS-I never think your house looks like a circus. :)

Hope your plan works!

Ellie said...

Let me know how this goes!!! We're in the same boat! I have forts set up in my living room on a daily basis!!!