Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Open to His call.

Last night I heard some whisperings that Safe Families was about to help DCS place in upward of 300 Haitian orphans locally. I instantly felt the need to do it but wanted to pray on it, mention it to Trevor and see what the childrens reaction would be.

Morning brought clearer details and I was forwarding emails and posting links so that others could know how to answer the call. The kids were excited! It's funny but God has totally and completely given this call to my children too. Not many children would be excited about sharing their toys and their rooms and stretching our dollar even farther but we have been called as a family to this. I told Trevor all about the emails and the calls and the hubbub of the morning and late night and ended our coversation with a simple....."so we may be getting some." After a few seconds of silence all my sweet husband said was, "some?'' I broke out laughing and explained that they are hoping to place them in pairs because they do not speak English and want them to have someone they can talk to without frustration. We are being told the placements will be up to six weeks but that some children may be available for adoption and need a forever family. We are open. Here we are God. Use us. I am so thankful to have a husband like mine that is totally open to God's call for our family and yields to HIS plan for us.

This morning has felt like total excitement. I am waiting for the call to let us know if we have been chosen for any of these children. I am reminded once again how being the hands and feet of Jesus feeds me. I have been haunted by the crisis in Haiti. I have wanted to respond in some way. I have wanted to reach out and help and I am praying that if this be God's will, then it be done.

I've gotten many calls as the day has gone on for families that are wanting to help. Now the word is that they have gotten such a huge response that only adoptive families will be considered to help lessen the amount of transitions for these children and that there aren't as many as first reported. My prayers are with Safe families and DCS as they try to place these children quickly and with the right families for each child and my prayers are with the families that want these children and will not get the call.....I am so in awe of the "Yes" that so many gave God this morning. I love to see the eyes of Jesus in the face of humanity. What a mighty God we serve.

I think it is important to say that if you said yes this morning...if you felt that tug to help the orphans of Haiti....please know that there are many other children that need you. They may not have had an earthquake or just arrived on a plane but there are currently 143 million orphans worldwide. There are over 3,000 children in Indiana waiting in foster care for a family to adopt them NOW. There are thousands of others that need a temporary place to be safe and loved on. Is that not crisis enough? To be 3 or 6 or 12 and without a family.... If your heart was tugged with the news of all the Haitian orphans this morning coming to our area....take a minute to ask God if it was a Haitian orphan he needed you for or any orphan that needs us. James 1:27 tells us this: " Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you."

We are going to sit back and see what the day brings...the week....the year and see what plans God has for our family and try with all our might to trust in them. I'm just gonna be open to it and try not to think of how insane it is:)

I mourn with the people of Haiti, I hurt for their sufferings. I ache for the grief and dispair that must cover the air there but I pray it motivates us to action. I pray it makes us hurt for all the orphans, the impoverished, the injustices of the world. I pray if haunts us in the months to come when the news coverage has gone on to the next story. Let it haunt us so much that we step up and respond.

***the situation here is changing minute to minute so I will try to update again

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Beautiful Mess said...

Maybe I am just impatient---sorry :)

but what is happening now?

PRAYing! I wish I was in Indiana (not really I am not fir for cold) but I do wish I was closer to be considered for this call.

I'll wait for the Lord to provide our opportunity. Right now, just waiting on hubby to come around.

Be strong and courageous!