Friday, January 29, 2010

About the organization thing...

About the organization hasn't started yet. I know I know. I love how I say that as if it is magically going to start itself. Our printer is messed up and so I haven't been able to print it off and laminate it like I want so....yes, I realize this is a HUGE excuse and I could have easily looked at each day on the computer and done the task but then how do I cross it out.....IT IS A SYSTEM!!! So, I am starting this Monday but I started something even better this week. Way more fun, way more needed and WAY more important to my family.

Special nights. We started special nights with the kids. Each one has their own night assigned, P is Monday and on through the week youngest to oldest with Grace ending on Friday. On that night, at prayer time before bed, each person has to say something they love or are thankful for about that child. Then they get to be the center of the group hug and after everyone else is tucked in, they get to come downstairs with mom and dad all by themself and have special time!! We do whatever they want.....within reason:) The only thing we can't do is watch tv. The first week went awesome. They loved it! All the kids were so excited for whoevers night it was and if it wasn't there night they were busy plotting what they wanted to do on theirs. It's even been good for Trevor and I to spend that time together too and it's been fun to sit and talk about that child and what they are like when they go to bed. It has been so cute to hear the kids excited for one another that it was their night. Not one time has anyone gotten out of bed this week. They know it is treasured time and don't want to mess it up for their sibling. You can't lose your night for punishment. It is your special night and the purpose is not a reward but to spend time with each child and let them feel uniquely wonderful and loved for just being them.

P kicked off the new program on Monday night. It was just she and I because Daddy had a meeting so when I asked her what she wanted to do, she says, "Make pancakes!!!" It was so funny. So I made a new rule after that night that it can't include food. I promised that one week we'll have a fun food theme. P settled for cuddling and reading and practicing our counting together. L enjoyed working on puzzles and reading and cuddling. Ava and I spent our time playing hangman, working on Bendaroos and playing a guessing game (the pic above). Can you tell she has a short attention span?! All that took place within 30 minutes:) Noah worked on Bendaroos and sweet Grace played a game with us and then we read a few Bible verses and talked about them....her idea by the way. I have loved our nights. They are truly so special to me! I have enjoyed my children so much and found so much JOY in them! This is my favorite thing we do. It has been wonderful for us. I cannot wait to see what they want to do with their special night this week. They are already talking about it and planning.


Beautiful Mess said...

I LOVE THIS! If the Lord ever sees fit for me to have little ones again-I am SO doing this!

Praise God for you momma! Praise God!

Way to "seize the moments"

Ellie said...

This really is a great idea, Jen! Wonderful way for the one on one time that kids need... so hard to come by in large families!