Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jesus boring? what?

From Ava: "Mom at pre-school today we learned about Jesus being boring."
me: "Boring?"
Ava: "I think that's what she said."
me: "Maybe you mean BORN"
Ave: (uncontrolled giggling) "yeh, that was it."

Look at His life, sweet Ava, Jesus is anything but boring. There's the time He healed the blind man, the brother can change water into wine and there's that whole dying on a cross thing. Add to that the healing of lepers and the fact that mankind may have walked on the moon but Jesus walked on water and you are a far way from boring.

Look at what our life has been like this year trying so hard to follow HIM. Look at the struggles and the victories and the fun. This Jesus thing is not for those that want to be bored.

Even the way He was born wasn't boring. How cool is it that our King was BORN in a stable? How cool is it that He didn't have to be in a palace or wear a diamond studded crown on His head? Instead He worn a crown of thorns for our failures and for that I am so thankful that He was BORN!!!

Merry Christmas, Friends. As things kick in to high gear this week with last minute preparations for the holidays, let's remember whose party this is. It most certainly wasn't someone boring!

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