Monday, November 23, 2009

Tomorrow we are celebrating the gift of L's life. On the 24th he is 4! I am so thankful for this little boy that came walking into my house with his arms folded and a grumpy face on that would not speak a word to us. I am even more thankful for this little boy that lives here now. This sweet boy that has the world's best giggle and is loving and affectionate and happy. I celebrate that he loves hugs now and we had to teach him how to even give one. I celebrate that he says I love you and asks for hugs. I celebrate that his birth mother did not take the easy way out and gave him life. I celebrate his desire to learn new things and how hard he works. I celebrate that he likes to act silly like the rest of us and that he could dance and sing and play his guitar all day long. I celebrate that he asks to pray at every meal and that in his evening prayers he actually things about his day and talks to Jesus about it. I celebrate how he has changed me and my family. I celebrate how being his mom stretches me and I am so thankful to God for this precious child of HIS. I am thankful for the things L has taught us, for the things I am still learning, for the challenges to come and the triumphs. I wonder about all of his birthdays before this one. What were they like for him. I wonder about all of the days I missed in his life and I rest in the peace of knowing that although I have not been with him from the beginning, our mighty God was. Happy Birthday my sweet L. It is truly a gift

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