Monday, November 30, 2009

The gift of P....

So tomorrow it's P's turn. She turns 3. If you haven't met her in person let me share a little what it's like to first meet her. She will first hug your leg then either stretch out her arms or just plain ole tell you to pick her up. She will hold your face in her little hands and study your face and ask you all kinds of questions. She will kiss and hug on you and shower you with affection....and that's for those of you whom she just met.

She is a joyful kid. She always has her little grin on and the bigger the grin the bigger the trouble! It took me a few weeks to figure out that if I walked into a room and she said hi or smiled really really big she was probably up to no good. That smile has gotten her this far but we are slowly getting through to her that it takes alot more than that!

She is a hoot. The girl loves to sing and dance and it is a fairly common scene around here to see her thick little self busting a move in front of the mirror and hamming it up . She is smart as a whip and funny funny funny. She often has her hat on backwards or wearing a wig or anything to act silly and get a laugh. She loves to cuddle and if mom and dad are busy it is not unusual to see her curled up in her brother or sisters arms. When she first came to live with us she would demand everything and asking with a please has been an endless lesson but the best demand was at bedtime every night when she would look at me and say, "Give me a kiss!"

Her eyes dance when she laughs and her little spirit is contagious. She doesn't know a stranger and makes friends wherever we go. She is a joy and we will celebrate her short three years tomorrow. We will celebrate that she was in her other mommy's tummy and that when she could no longer take care of her, God found her for us. We will celebrate what a blessing she is to our family and the times she has us all rolling on the floor in laughter. We will celebrate that this beautiful girl is safe and loved and wanted. We will pray for her future and for her mom's heart to make the right choice. I will celebrate that for tomorrow I am her mom and I will celebrate that each day I get to be. Happy Birthday my beautiful ball of energy. I love love love you.

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~love said...

oh, i love her. =)