Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top ten signs dad's in charge

I don't have to tell you my husband rocks. He did an amazing job while I was gone and I don't know a single man who could've handled our brood other than my man! So this is in fun: Top ten signs dad's in charge and momma ain't home:

10. everyone is jumping over the couch again
9. we need milk, eggs, bread and fruit
8. homework was done but not signed on for two weeks straight. good thing the teacher has a sense of humor
7. the children know daddy's fantasy football line up
6. leftovers everywhere and empty containers from close friends stacked up on the counter
5. even the three year old knows the flag football plays
4. are they singing reggae?
3. when bathing, ears are skipped
2. the hairdos or dont's :)
1. children's fingernails....oh my.

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