Monday, October 19, 2009

10/12 and 10/13 Safari

10/12 This morning we left at 6am for our Safari. It was completely awesome. We saw giraffes, gazelles, tons of zebras, warthogs, ostrich and an entire pride of lions. We watched them eat a zebra!!! Seriously. We were close enough to hear it!!! WOW! They went to a watering hole and we watched them for a long time. I wanted to bust out in song,"the circle of life." On the afternoon ride we saw hyennas, cape buffalo and elephants. The elephants are wonderous!

We ended the evening around a fire outside looking up at the incredible stars and I actually saw a shooting star. It feels like a dream...I have such mixed emotions about this being my last night in Africa. I cannot wait to get home to Trevor and the kids but for some reason this white wild child from the midwest feels at home in this sea of brown faces. I love Africa. I love Kenya, the people, the land, the beauty and the struggles. I love seeing God at work here and in me.

10/13 This morning I watched the sun come up on the African horizon with zebras dotting the plains. It is my last day here, my last sunset until I come again. Our safari brought lots of hippos which I've been waiting for and more lions, this time the males. We loaded up afterwards for a very bumpy dusty six hour trip back to Nairobi to catch our plane. I will miss this team. I have learned something from each of them, seen God in each of them at some point, cried with them, laughed with them and experienced the most intense, God filled moments of my life. I am not ready to leave here although I am ready to go home. My work is not done here. I know I will be back. In Kenyan culture they do not like to say goodbye. They say farewell, until we meet again. Farewell Africa.

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