Sunday, October 18, 2009


We worshipped this morning at another area of the slum called Kosovo. Our children we did the VBS for showed up to suprise and sing in church the songs we taught them this week. It was great to see them.

We headed to the Bush afterwards to pick up our team. It was great to see them and start to get glimpses of how God's been working through them. The ride there was so bumpy and dusty. We toured the Health Clinic which is a wonderful facility. Our team did great work and it is fun to see our friends again.

It is cool to be driving along the plains and to see nothing but dirt and trees on the horizon and then to see a pop of red and it is a Massai herder. They herd cattle, goats and sheep and walk for days with their walking sticks. The drought is evident here and painful to see. There is no water anywhere and we can drive throught the riverbeds. Cattle skulls are here and there where they have been overcome by the conditions. We saw baboons, tree monkeys, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, impallas and wildebeasts and we're not even on the safari yet!!! It was way cool!

It was another roller coaster three hour ride out to our base camp, half of which we spent at a 30 degree angle because we were driving in the ditch because it was smoother than the actual road. We got a flat tire and stopped near this little village to change our tire. Children appeared and wanted to touch us. They were so dirty they appeared gray. Some had no pants on or one shoe because that is all they had. They were malnourished and sick and carrying even smaller siblings on their backs.

We made it to our camp and were greeted by cool wet towels to wipe off the dust with and fresh pineapple juice. It is a great place and very beautiful. It makes me want Trevor with me. On the way out here we watched the most amazing sunset and I had to remind myself again that I am really in Africa. It was a such a huge sign of God's genius. The stars are bright as can be and you can't even count them there are so many. We can see the milky way clearly! It is spectacular. Our 'tents' are gorgeous and have running water and flushing toilets with seats!!! PTL!

I have a mix of emotions about being here and leaving such poverty and devastation behind. I am just trying to have a heart of gratitude and appreciate God's magnificent creation. My soul needs this before I go back to real life. My heart needs to see God's beauty and greatness.

As a side note, I have a pretty good case of sun poisoning, major stomach issues and my tubes in my ears are crushed in from the plane ride still and causing me lots of pain. If I had to have stomach issues, I am just glad it is hear with a real toilet:) Hoping my ears pop before the plane ride home or it could be quite painful! Dr. Suzie gave me some meds so hopefully that will help. I am in Africa, I don't have time to be sick and I will not miss this!

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