Sunday, October 18, 2009


Each day seems more powerful than the next and I find it hard to believe. It is my fervent prayer that everyone have an experience like this that makes them truly feel God's presence in their life and that He is using you. Joska was different today than I thought it would be. Most of the place is still temporary structures and the opportunities for God to move through us there is HUGE. The new dorm is a permanent building and it is fabulous! (Joska is the boarding school for ages 10-14)

We again had presentations by the students and it was great fun. There are over 600 children there and we had the time to visit with them for about 2 hours. Impressed in an understatement. They are bright, articulate, well behaved, smart. They too have that hunger for human touch and affection and cling to your hand or just reach out to touch you. I hugged and kissed foreheads and held hands and patted backs. They were a joy! We talked about their families and mine. They loved my brown skin family and thought I did a good job on their hair!

We talked about living away from home and they said it does not make them sad. They expressed feeling loved and cared for there and safe. We spoke about movies and they love Jackie Chan. They like some american artist like Chris Brown and Michael Jackson. They all had big dreams for their futures and I told them God dreams ever bigger for them than they can dream for themselves and that my dream was to come to Africa and I was finally here. They want to be surgeons and electrical engineers, pilots and sargeants...and they will be. I trust fully that they can be. My little group that circled around me most of the time was Lucy who is 12 and very inquisitive, Gladys who was 12 and beautiful and kept holding my hand, and Terri that was 10 and loved to ask questions. Peter was quiet and handsome and will be a pilot someday. Felix was a bit shy but warmed when I showed an interest in him. He told me I was beautiful:) Joel was a timid little guy who did not leave my side. I loved my time with them and was sad when it was time to go. Before we left, Lucy and Glady ran to the van and told me they loved me and would miss me. They asked for the pictures I had shown them of the kids so they could pray for my familiy. I handed them over. What a full heart.

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