Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today was a day of rejoicing and celebrating. We met at Pangani Center and children from several of the 10 centers performed songs, poems, memory verses and dances. At the very end they grabbed our hands and we all danced together for 10 minutes are so celebrating the work of the mission. It was the best moment. They presented us with t-shirts and traditional wraps. The children and the staff were so unbelievable. It was so beautiful and gracious that I sat and cried and laughed and danced. We should all take a lesson from the people of Kenya in hospitality and service, they are something special!! We were able to see the Mathare Valley 2 kids we had spent so much time with. It was their first performance since the school is only two weeks old and they did great. Mercy was there so I was able to hug her and kiss her goodbye. She is a gem and I will miss her.

After the celebration, some of the microenterprise businesses set up their craft/sewing store for us. Beautiful handmade bags and jewelry. We then headed to Massai Village Market and we bargained for souvenirs. It was an evening of fun bonding with my team and hard bargaining. I got two very special things as a remembrance of my time here....a gorgeous ebony nativity and a huge colorful batik to hang over our fireplace that is a scene from the slums. I will definitely be leaving a part of myself here.

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