Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today was our last day of VBS and the highlight was of the chicken dance that Malissa taught the kids. It was hard to know we wouldn't be back tomorrow to spend the day with them. Since we came, I've just been drawn to this one little girl. Her name is Mercy and her smile is large enough to light up Mathare. She is tall and thin and bright and giggly, smart as a whip with a shaved head and little hoop earrings and huge eyes like my Gracie. Today I found out she does not have a sponsor so we were able to add to the Harris Clan!!! We are now her sponsors and will pay for her education and the food program through CMF. How cool is that?!

The afternoon was filled with giving the children their new socks and shoes. They were so excited!!! They kept showing them to each other and laughing. Wonderful to serve God.

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