Saturday, October 17, 2009


VBS was another big success. The highlight was when Rachel a teammate from New Hampshire remembered a Swahili song she must have learned as a child. Such a God thing. We were able to teach it to the kids and they LOVED it. You could see their pride that we knew their language:)

The women had a wonderful treat in the afternoon. The orphanage we visited was state of the art, top of the line. The children were well loved by the staff and many many volunteers. They have an ICU there and rescure abandon babies under the age of three months that are brought there by the police. Many of them are HIV+.

I first held a little six month old named Suzanne. She was precious and liked to stand on my legs and bounce-we played outside together. When it was time to go in, I scooped up little Angela who was a beautiful chubby cheeked curious baby with down syndrome. I fed her dinner and her bottle. She just kept looking up at me and studying my face and my heart just melted. There was a little Noah toddling around, a little guy named Hayden (my maiden name) laying on the beanbag taking his bottle and a tiny baby named Sid (my dad's name). God is SO in the details:)

In the infant room their was the chubbiest baby ever named Bosley. He was busting out of his jammies and couldn't have been cuter. He had a big fan club with our group.

When we first arrived they were lined up in their strollers in the parking lot getting ready for their walk. The first view of the infant room revealed a metal track that hung from the ceiling with six jumperoos attached and six little babies bouncing away. So so cute! There was not one child laying in a crib...except for the ones in ICU. The grounds are beautiful, the place is immaculate, and the children are the focus. The orphanage does not take any money for adoption agencies so it takes the business out of adoption. It puts the focus on the children and this place should be an example of how things can be. We met the lady who started it and she said everyone told them they wouldn't be able to have a place like this, that it wasn't possible....but it shows what one can do if they strive for excellence for Jesus! Amen, Sista!! If a child has to be without parents and waiting for it's forever family, this is where you would want them to be. Kenya has strict policies in place and you have to reside in the country with the child for six months before you can adopt. :( I'm sure that is best for the child but it sure makes it tough on me:)

It was an uplifting wonderful day to spend an afternoon. I think God knew we needed it.

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