Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our best offer....

As of now, MOM is too irrational and Safe Families will not return them to her. They have filed a complaint with DCS and we wait to see what will happen.

We have offered to continue to keep the children without the hope of adopting them but working with MOM towards reunification. We really feel called to love not only the children, but her, as unloving as she seems at times. We will keep the kids until she has a home, is in school and has a job and childcare for the children. We will support her any way we can. We truly believe that the best possible outcome for them is to live with a healthy biological mom. If we can help her get there, then we have to try. It will give us time to help our family transition and prepare the kids for going back to their other mom. For now, we wait and pray that she will trust us on this offer and agree to walk along side us to give her children the best life possible. Safe Families and there resources are behind this 100%.

I think this is what Jesus would do, that's why we are doing it. I don't think it makes the most earthly sense and many of you may question it but this is the only solution we felt peace about. It is not the easiest, but the right thing isn't hardly ever the easiest.

Returning them both to her seemed impossible but so does splitting them up.

she decides, a DCS complaint against MOM has been filed by Safe Families and they will not return the children to her tomorrow. They cannot in good faith put them in that situation. It is all very up in the air and really out of our hands. I am not sure what, if anything, will change with DCS involvement but for now and tomorrow, they are safe in our home. I am just trying to keep focused on Jesus in this journey He has us on. Things seem to be changing minute to minute so I will update when I can and when it seems like the newest bit of news will stick for a bit. Thank you for your prayers and love.

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