Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not much to report.....

Not much to report but I know you have all been wondering what in the world is happening. So much has changed in the past 24 hours that my head is spinning. I will not even take you through all the twists and turns because it is way to confusing. We are waiting for DCS to call us and if they do not call by tomorrow afternoon I may take a more proactive approach and call them so we are not left spinning until they get around to it. We do not think they will release the children to their mom so we are going to plead with them to let us keep the children in our care while we get licensed as a Foster family. We then would become their foster family and if MOM doesn't jump through the hoops they need her too, then they would become ours through adoption. This is the best case scenario and the one we are praying for even though it will probably take years. If she does complete the requirements we would feel okay about reuniting them with her.

The other option of trying to fight her in court for them is not something we are comfortable doing at this time. It is really important to us to try and love her too and this is allowing her to keep some control and attempt to make herself better. If DCS would decide to give them to her, we will have to worry about that then.

As for now, they are with us and we are loving on them and they have no clue how unstable their little lives are. It is our strongest hope that DCS will see how well they are doing and allow them to stay in our care until the best possible future for them is decided. I think it will depend on who our caseworker is how well they will work with us. We have Safe Families advocating on our behalf and we all know I've documented everything:) We are holding up. The kids are all clueless and Trevor and I are confident that we are square in the middle of God's will for our lives so even though it is painful and hard, it is drawing us closer to HIM. Thank you for the prayers and encouragments. We feel your love. I'm in awe of you.

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