Friday, September 11, 2009

Eviction day

Today is eviction day for MOM. Our caseworker called and said she called in a panic with nowhere to go. I think she has been in survival mode/crisis mode her entire life so she just has no idea how to plan or look to the future. She has known this day is coming and waited til now. All of the shelters in Indy are full. They finally found her one to go to but she is concerned about making it to school because it is not near there. The old shelter won't let her keep anything there so they will probably throw most of her stuff away. We told her if they can hold it for 24 hours, we can pick it up for her. It's easy to see how people get stuck in a cycle.

I feel sick. I feel like there is more we should do. She just really has no lifeskills. Our caseworker thinks this is God's divine timing and it will help her see that she just can't do this parenting thing. It is hard enough for her to care for herself. I feel so conflicted about her. I feel so sorry for her and worry for her life. I know she cannot parent these kids but she just never got a chance. I wish I could undo her life experience. I wish I would have met her when she was a child and taken her into my home. I wish someone somewhere would have loved her and she would have let them. I wish she had the time she needs to get her life together but children don't wait. It could take her 10 could take her forever and who knows what would happen to them in that time. I think there has got to be some kind of mental health issue going on. She won't let us help her. We've been offering it for five months so the only thing I know to do is to love her children and to pray for her everyday. I love these children so much and she is theirs and such a part of who they are that I can't help but have love for her.

I am asking you all to pray for her. She is alone and homeless and I cannot imagine what that feels like. Please pray for her heart, for her decision to be made this coming week, and for hope in this girl's life and future. Pray for these children. I know you do and will. Thanks friends.

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