Sunday, July 19, 2009

Safe Families and what it means to me....

Last night we went to the fundraiser for Safe Families, the program that brought P and L into our lives. They are trying to raise $40,000. In their first year, they received 17 referrals for families in crisis. In May and June, 17 referrals in each of those months and yesterday, 17 referrals alone. They are growing immensely and the need is great. They need families to volunteer. They played a segment that CBS news with Katie Couric did on the program and I sat there and cried. My hair was cute, my dress looked good, toes done and I sat there crying thinking of our kids. Our kids were homeless and on the street. Our kids were in a shelter. Our kids. I thought about where they would be without Safe Families. I thought about where we would be without them. So I cried.

The goal of the program is to reunite the family back together and to be a mentor and support for the entire figure out what got them in this place of crisis in the first place and to help them ensure it doesn't happen again. It made me sad for our kids. It made me sad that we can't help their mom. That she doesn't want our support and doesn't take the initiative to make changes in her life. 98% of their families are reunified. We are the ones that aren't. I wish that I could make their mother love them more than she loves herself. I wish I could give them her. I feel like I am getting this huge gift and am doing nothing to help her but I have to remind myself that you can only help someone if they want the help and then you just have to love them and pray for them from a distance. Limits in life are hard.

I came home and checked on our sleeping crew and my heart broke thinking of them homeless somewhere and sitting in a shelter and how scary that must have been. I felt so blessed to know them, to be in a position to give them shelter and food and love and encouragment and safety. I felt so protective of them and so angry that we live in a world where this could happen to my kids. That's the thing. We live in a world where it could happen to any of us and it really is our responsibility to care for and love one another. I don't think Jesus cares if I know every scripture if I don't live a life that looks like His. I don't think it matters if I never miss a single service on Sunday if I don't take the opportunity around me to serve others. I don't think it matters how big my house is or how new my car is if I don't give of my blessings to others. I felt sad looking at my babies. Sad that in this failed world things like this happen. over and over and over again they happen. 17 times yesterday it happened.

I wish we all looked more like Jesus. We need Jesus. Our world is hurting and people are hurting. Mothers are hurting and babies, our babies, are hurting. There will be sin. There will be recession and bad luck and poor choices and all of that but if each of us tried tomorrow to look a little bit more like Jesus than we do today, just think of what could happen. I would encourage you to look into Safe Families. They need volunteers to help in other ways besides being a full time family. They need all kinds of help so give them a call and see what you can do. Send them a check. There are so many other ways to get involved and I know that and am thankful for that. Just step outside of your box. What makes you cry? What makes you stop and think if only I had the time to do that? What makes you think I wish I had money to send there? Find your passion and your calling and just start doing it.

Okay, sorry. My German heritage is showing through and I'm getting all fired up:) I talk with my hands too so you should see how I'm typing this thing. LOL

We are continuing to see adjustments around here. L had a hard time falling asleep last night because our Noah had his first sleep over and wasn't here. It was the first time L had been in the room without him. He loves his brother. When he wakes in the night, he often climbs up in Noah's bed and in the morning I find them both there asleep. I am often awakened by L's LOUD giggle and he and Noah will be talking in the top bunk together. Something I am so blessed that they both have.

Ava is really trying to help out and she loves picking out P's clothes and telling her when she isn't supposed to be doing something;) P says Hi Mommy and smiles big when she is up to something. Trevor has started calling her the silent assassin!! LOL

Grace continues to be a huge help but is falling into that phase where sometimes she is heading up the fun and others, so above these little kids:) I am blessed beyond measure. We are meeting with the therapist on Thursday. Hoping to have the contract agreed on and ready to take to the attorney. Lots of emotions. Lots of prayer.

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