Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yesterday was a great day. The kids were really bonding and playing together and the prayers for bedtime are working. L went to bed much faster last night and there were no tears at all!! It was a fun filled family day and we ended it by all seven of us on the couch watching a movie. Today, I am proud! I got all five of the kiddos out of the house and to church for 9a.m service on my own! They were clean, fed and dressed appropriately.....except for L's shoes being on the wrong feet but I caught that before we hit the church doors! I was nervous about leaving them in their children's classes but decided to give it a try. They did great! I let L go in with Ava's class and that helped alot. P did great in the two's class and didn't cry a bit. I only stayed for one service because I didn't want them to get anxious about when/if I was coming back.

We celebrated Ava's 4th birthday today with the kiddie pool, slip n slide, sprinkler and lots of cousins and friends. She had a really great day and felt so special. L and P did great with everyone here and the madness that accompanies my big family. They met three new aunties today and an uncle and Mamaw and Papaw came to visit today too. There were 16 kids here and they did amazing!

I just have to say that my family is the best. I know you may think yours is the best, but you would be wrong;) You would simply not have known that this was the first time my sisters were meeting these two kids or my neices and nephews. They were accepted without question and loved without reserve and instantly had this huge extended family that is rooting for them in this life. I am overcome with the love shown to them. My family is crazy, we always have been. We like to say we put the 'fun' in dysfunctional but there is no family with greater love. I am convinced of it. Being a good family doesn't mean that nothing will happen to you or you will be free from means you will get through it....whatever it is....together and loving and laughing and supporting and encouraging. It is a legacy I will pass on to my children and that makes me proud. My parents passed it on to me and I am forever indebted. When my parents showed up today all of the kids ran yelling "Mamaw and Papaw!" and there running with the rest were these two beautiful brown babies that have been here one week now. My parents scooped them up and you would just simply never know that they hadn't been here since the beginning. I pray they feel that love. I pray they feel how sincere it is and feel it to their little pink toes. I pray they know how blessed we all feel to have them with us.

L is putting Wally out on his leash now and helping put him in his kennel. P is warming to him and has pet him on occassion. The sweetest thing today was when I would introduce L to my family, he would say, "we have a dog'' as if they were the new ones, not him. He was saying ''we'' and the fact that he felt that ownership of our home made me feel so blessed. One of my biggest concerns is that I didn't want them to feel like a guest. I wanted them to know that what we have, they have and it is ours and somewhere in that little 3 1/2 year old mind, he got it and I think that makes a big difference. We may find out some news form birth mom tomorrow. I am trusting God and knowing that He knows what is best for these two precious babies and that He loves them even more than I......I am thanking God for His goodness and my family and my children and my husband who is the best. I am so greatful for friends who show up and start cleaning up and bring meals and hug a crying kid like they were their own. This is what it is all about....relationships. I could be the president or ceo of a fortune 500 company and never feel as successful as I do today. It is all in your definition, and I like mine.I'll leave you with a pic of the

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