Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An unhealthy obsession with a turtle...

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but my husband has an unhealthy obsession with our turtle. I think it is because of the way we became said turtles owners. I was gone for the weekend last summer and he and the kids came across "Turk" in the park in our neighborhood. They brought it home and he lived in an old ice cream bucket on our sink for awhile. I thought we would set him free in a few days and it was very cute that they were all so proud of their little find. Anyway, Turk is still with us. He graduated from his bucket to an aquarium I picked up at Goodwill. Trevor likes to 'redecorate' for Turk and I will often find his little habitat with a new rock or log found on our walks. Anyway, Turk recently got hooked up with a filter system and today my husband brought home a $15 rock for his tank. $15 is more than I spent on my last outfit and seems a bit excessive for a rock but I guess this rock will not grow algae and it is only the best for Turk the turtle......Too funny! He is loving his new home:) L was all excited to help with the project.

I went to pick up paint for the new rooms and scored at the oops pile at Lowe's. The exact colors I wanted were there and I got $100 worth of paint for $36 bucks!!! God is in the details:)

L had a hard afternoon with his attitude. I think he got tired and tended to throw himself on the floor a bit and kick his legs. I took him aside at the cookout and talked with him and he was really able to turn his night around. I am so proud of him. P loved the pool today. She actually let me let go of her and just loved floating. That is a big step for her. She makes us laugh out loud all the time.

No word from Mom yet and I am really worried about her. They have seen her and she is around but I am just wondering why she hasn't contacted Safe Families and what emotions she must be going through. I feel selfish for wondering what this means to our family but I am trying to leave it at God's feet. Our social worker is going there this week to see if she can find her.

Last night I had an overwhelming sense of peace with our family....a heart full of love for this strong-willed, fun-loving, loud and crazy crew......I felt so much like their mom and found it hard to remember what life was like before they came. Trevor shared with me that he loves them just like the other kids and cannot believe how normal it feels. We all layed in bed after praying and were giggling and being silly and I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude come over me and cried. Our family just felt complete and I am in awe of how God makes things happen.

That feeling was followed by an overwhelming sense of fear a few minutes later when I realized that none of this is a done deal yet and I felt so afraid that this all could be taken from us. I know that fear is not from God and I tried to dismiss it as soon as it entered my mind. Trevor and I watched a movie to keep my mind off of it. How can I doubt this mighty mountain moving God? How can I fail time and time again to trust?

Yet again a friend came by with a meal for us to put in the freezer for whenever we needed it. One of the best things about this entire journey has been seeing God work through so many others. Seeing the blessing others are getting by being a blessing to us.

It is so amazing to think of these two little lives that came from a home with no support or family being welcomed into this huge, loving family and friends and support. How loved they much worth I hope they feel from all that I pray they see it is all in God's name.....Blessed beyond measure. Trying to trust. Giving God the Glory.

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